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Taxi Loyal Corporate Accounts: Ensure the Safety of Your Employees

With Taxi Loyal, starting a corporate account is fast and easy! We greatly appreciate the close collaboration we have with these customers.

Why Create a Corporate Account? 

To make it easy for your employees to get around the city while keeping a record of their travels. With a corporate account, you’ll have access to your employees’ taxi user data.

When it comes to the safety of your employees, you’ll have total peace of mind. You definitely don’t want them to drive home after an evening spent drinking with their colleagues! Offering them a ride home is an excellent way to show them that you care about their well-being.

How Do Corporate Accounts Work?

Companies are given personalized coupon books that are printed just for them. Each coupon has a number associated with a specific account. All you have to do is distribute these coupons among your employees: you remain in control. At the end of their journey, users must fill out the necessary fields on the coupon before handing it over to the cab driver, who will get paid by Taxi Loyal.

One Account, One Invoice

To make matters simple, we collect your used coupons and send you a bill each month along with the used coupons as proof. You will have a 30-day grace period to pay your bill.

We offer exclusive services with fixed rates for specific destinations or a per-kilometre rate (only available with an exclusive company agreement).

Opening a Corporate Account

Opening a corporate account with Taxi Loyal is fast and simple. First, you’ll be asked to fill out a short request form. Your account will be created within the next 24 hours. You will be asked to provide credit card details as a payment guarantee.

Contact us to open your corporate account today!

*Please note: although taxi coupons are fraud proof, they are still valuable. Like cashier's checks, customers are encouraged to keep these payment methods safe. We are not responsible for lost or stolen taxi coupons.

Special Partnership

A corporate account with Taxi Loyal makes transportation simple and provides total peace of mind.

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